Prescience October 2019 Release Summary

autumn prescience release october
Autumn is here and our development team has been busy working on new features, fixing bugs and improving styling. This post is a run-down of the things shipping in October.

Create shipments

In this release, we have developed functionality to quickly create shipments manually. While integrations are creating most shipments many of you have requested a quick and easy manual alternative. The first version of the shipment creator is now live.

prescience add shipment

To add a shipment click the Add button in the logistics module.

Provide relevant shipment info, such as; shipment id, project reference, order reference, and notes.

Afterward, plan where and when the shipment is shipping. Similarly, plan where and when the shipment will be delivered.

Then provide shipment content item number and quantity. If you ship multiple items simply add more content lines or copy existing lines.

Click “save and close” and you are done.

In the next release, we will follow-up with more functionality to display and edit shipment contents. However, we felt that it was necessary to launch the create shipment functionality ASAP so we could get your feedback.

Easily create master data

We have made it a lot faster to create new master data. Previously, you had to open the master data module to create new item numbers or projects.

This process has just become a lot easier. If you cannot find the item number you are looking for, simply create the item number directly from the item selector.

prescience create new item

Just click “Create new item…” in the item selector. This opens the create item dialogue. When you have successfully created the item, the item selector automatically selects the new item number for you. Easy peasy!

Custom location and item process lead times

We know that some suppliers are faster than other suppliers. Similarly, products are different in shape and form and thus have varying manufacturing lead-times.

This is why we have launched a way to configure location- and item-specific process lead-times. This will provide more accurate planning and risk assessment.

Custom location and item lead times are fully implemented in the backend and planning engine. However, for now, it is only possible to set custom lead times via the API. During Q4 we will follow up with some UI that makes it super easy to maintain process lead-times based on location and item number.

Bug fixes and styling improvements

Finally, this release contains a lot of bug fixes. Most notable are some much-needed styling improvements to dropdowns.

Hopefully, the fixes and improvements will give everyone a much smoother user experience with less “visual” bugs.

Until next release – take care!

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