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Powerful Production View

Easily see what is going on across the entire supply chain. The production page displays the latest data from all your suppliers.

  • See components by status (Planned, In progress, and Completed)
  • Filter to include data from one or more suppliers
  • Instantly filter to see only delays and risks
  • Search, sort, and order data and columns any way you like
  • Open individual components for more details
  • Easily export data to your clipboard or Excel


Track Supplier Progress

Track component manufacturing progress in real-time across all suppliers. The latest data is always ready for you, just one click away.

  • Customize milestones to fit your manufacturing process
  • Streamline milestones across all suppliers to enable benchmarking
  • Continuously monitor supplier progress in real-time
  • Automatically highlight risks and delays
  • Systematically measure historical supplier performance
  • Extract data for deeper analysis and understanding

Capture Important Data

With data forms, users can easily capture data on the production floor using smart phones. 

Data forms are great for digitally capturing:

  • As-built documentation and data
  • Sub-component serial numbers for traceability
  • Inspection checklists for increased accountability
  • Critical-To-Quality (CTQ) data
  • Process quality data to measure First-Pass-Yield (FPY)
  • Operational manufacturing data for process efficiency

Data forms can validate user input and evaluate pass/fail criteria on the fly to reduce errors.

Share Important Files

Document every detail. Users can easily upload files or capture documents and product images using the mobile app.

  • Scan important paper documents and quality certificates
  • Photograph quality measurement results for increased validity
  • Easily take and upload product images
  • Document defects, damages, and other non-conformities
  • Attach DOCX, XLSX, PDF, ZIP and much more file formats
  • All attachments are instantly available online

Start The Conversation

Context-based comments enable users to chat about a specific component. Comments are visible to all stakeholders.

  • Chat with other stakeholders about a specific component
  • Share important observations
  • Log important data for future reference
  • All comments are saved relative to their parent component



Share Demand Forecasts

Work with suppliers to detect future bottlenecks earlier. Suppliers can approve or reject forecasts, provide explanations, and upload a counterproposal.

  • Analyze forecasts in easily digestible pivot views
  • Group demand by item number, project or order
  • Aggregate demand by day, week, month, quarter or year
  • See which suppliers approved or rejected their forecast
  • Export forecasts to clipboard or Excel for deeper analysis



Gather Capacity Data

Enable suppliers to feed you their available capacity data. This is a prime input for effective long-term planning and forecasting.

  • Dashboard charts compare capacity data to planned production
  • Aggregate capacity by day, week, month, quarter or year
  • Measure capacity in units, tonnage, etc.
  • Enable suppliers to apply adjustment factors to your item numbers
  • Export capacity data to clipboard or Excel for deeper analysis



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