About Prescience

Prescience ApS is a Danish technology company founded in 2015. Prescience is backed by private investment and funding from InnoBooster and Nordjysk Lånefond, both parts of the European Union initiative to drive regional development.

Our focus

The Prescience team is focused exclusively on developing and operating a SIMPLE, FLEXIBLE and FAST collaborative platform for businesses in Make-to-Order supply chains, that need stronger integration with their trading partners. Combined, the team has more than 15 years hands-on experience creating solutions to meet the operational challenges of global Make-to-Order outsourcing and subcontracting setups.

Strengthening Partnerships

At its core, Prescience is a collaborative tracking platform where buyers monitor supplier activity, looking for anomalies that could signal risk. Conversely, suppliers use Prescience to deliver an extraordinary and streamlined customer experience by broadcasting commitment and trust in the form of operational data that is key to the buyer. The purpose of Prescience is to identify risks up front, so suppliers and buyers can take corrective action where possible to ultimately minimize the cost of failure.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See

While outsourcing and subcontracting can bring reward it also imposes a risk for the buyer, as business objectives depend on supplier performance. The complexity arises because supplier information is often minimal and poorly organized, making risk analysis difficult for the buyer. Essentially, it comes down to lack of transparency in the upstream supply chain – this is where Prescience comes into the picture.

Our Services

Onboarding and Training

If your team is stuck in operations, let us handle supplier onboarding to make implementation even more painless for your team.

Project Management

If your team lacks the profile to lead implementation, our project managers can take ownership of implementation roadmap

Custom Development

If your team has specific requirements, our developers are open to custom development requests. We offer both fixed and flexible billing.

Success Management

Your success with Prescience is our top priority. This means we will go far to help your team reach your goals and objectives.

Operational Support

If your team is momentarily overstretched, we can support the operations team until a permanent solution is put in place.


We handle day-to-day support to all Prescience end-users in your supply chain. End-users raise a ticket, our support team resolves it.

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