As-built Documentation

Digitize your as-built documentation workflows to reduce manual data management and take cost out of the as-built documentation process.

  • Capture data once
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Avoid manual data management
  • Validate and evaluate data on the fly
  • Improve data quality and consistency
  • Track documentation status and progress
  • Analyze as-built data at scale
  • Reduce as-built documentation costs
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Too Much Paperwork

Meeting as-built documentation requirements with pen and paper is both painful and expensive.

  • Recording data on paper is extremely error prone.
  • Collecting data from operators is complex to manage.
  • Typing up handwritten as-built data generate errors and double work.
  • Validating data integrety and accuracy is extremely tedious.
  • Sending as-built documentation to customers via email wastes resources filing and archiving and increases the risks of data loss.
  • Manual as-built documentation reviews are painful because all errors, missing data and out-of-spec values must be detected manually.
  • Finally, the data is “dead” data because it cannot easily be analyzed at scale, this poses an opportunity loss.

What if there was a better way?

Automate As-built Documentation

Prescience improves data management to make the as-built documentation process lean and efficient.

  • All suppliers use the latest template revision.
  • Data can be collected with a smartphone on the production floor.
  • Operators work collaboratively to provide as-built documentation.
  • Data is touched once, no one has to type up handwritten notes.
  • Data is automatically consolidated and shared with customers.
  • Customers can improve the as-built review process.
  • Customers can pre-review parts of the as-built documentation.
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What Are Your As-built Documentation Use Cases?

Here are a few examples where Prescience can streamline as-built documentation:

  • Sub-component traceability
  • Dimensional control values
  • Critical inspection checklists
  • Logging process parameters
  • As-built drawings
  • Other generic quality data

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Dataform Status

Track As-built Completion

Prescience measures as-built documentation progress to highlight where data is missing.

Prescience measures documentation completion to make it easy for users to plan and prioritize their work. This means users are in control and avoid the pain of managing documentation manually.

Validate Data Input

Prescience validates input to reduce documentation errors and improve overall data quality.

This is almost impossible when relying on pen and paper. Even with Word or Excel it can be difficult as users often corrupt data unintendedly. 

Prescience prevents users from saving invalid data and provides feedback letting users know why their input is invalid. Similarly, dropdrown input controls ensures that users select their input from a valid list of answers instead of letting them provide free text answers.

As a result users provide correct data the first time. Ultimately, this reduces errors, ease data cleansing and improve overall data quality.

validate data format enforce format quality data documentation
quality data evaluate pass fail detect defects documentation as-built

Evaluate Responses Immediately

Prescience evaluates input instantly based on pass/fail criteria to detect non-conformities ealier.

This provides immediate evaluation and allow users to spot obvious typos and, more importantly, help users identify defective components.

This is key to enable swift rework, easier root cause analysis and reduces indirect costs incurred by passing defective parts down the value stream.

Customized to Your As-built Requirements

You have the as-built use case, we have the toolbox and infrastructure to make it happen.

As-built documenation requirements are customer specific. This is why Prescience is designed to be customizable, flexible and fast to implement. As a result, new as-built forms can be designed and published in minutes.

Each as-built form is structured into groups of data points. Likewise, each data point can be configured to specify input control type, help text, input options, input validation and pass/fail criteria.

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Analyze As-built Data at Scale

Prescience allows you to analyze as-built data at scale, using your preferred data analysis tool.

Normally, as-built documentation serves to certify individual components. However, we understand the value of “big” data and we believe your as-built data can serve multiple purposes, for example:

  • Analyze data values accross a product category or supplier portfolio.
  • Track evolution over time to drive continuous improvement.
  • Benchmark suppliers to measure best-in-class performance.
  • Identify historical components that share origin, traits or subparts.

With an API Key you can access the as-built data with your existing business intelligence solution. This means that you can merge data with other data sources and build your own custom reports.

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