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Learn how Vestas Wind Systems A/S uses Prescience to manage global subcontracting activities.

Vestas is the worlds leading wind turbine manufacturer. Vestas has transitioned from in-house manufacturing of steel towers and blades to outsourcing these key components through a global network of subcontractors.

Since Vestas now rely on their subcontractors to execute flawlessly, a key challenge has been to retain transparency and control throughout the value chain. This is where Prescience comes into the picture.


Learn how Fundicíones Garbi uses Prescience to plan and coordinate execution in their castings supply chain

Garbi is a Spanish foundry who supply castings for wind and automotive. While Garbi focus on the casting process itself, they rely on external partners for critical manufacturing processes such as grinding, heat treatment, machining and surface treatment.

Garbi uses Prescience for integrated capacity planning, to make sure partners have sufficient processing capacity to accomodate demand. In the execution phase Prescience coordinates activity and allow external partners track progress to provide value chain visibility to downstream suppliers, allowing Garbi to be in control of the complete value chain.

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