Inbound Delivery

Prescience is a shared infrastructure to plan, monitor and measure inbound deliveries.

  • Share info about material deliveries
  • Register inbound deliveries to track progress
  • Capture delivery notes
  • Automate goods receipt
  • Indentify late deliveries and expected delays
  • Measure delivery performance

Shared Delivery Plan

Prescience provides a shared delivery plan. The plan includes materials in supplier and customer scope. 

Suppliers need to see which customer issued materials have been purchased and when they will be delivered. Because, late deliveries have significant impact on detailed production scheduling.

Similarly, customers require proof of purchase for materials in supplier scope. Because, late purchases and deliveries negatively affect on-time manufacturing expectations.

Easily see a consolidated list of material purchases. Including, both purchases in customer and supplier scope.

Planned delivery overview is important for suppliers to organize material reception and schedule production start.

Include material supplier input to maintain expected shipping and delivery dates in case planned dates cannot be met.

Register Delivery Progress

With Prescience you get a powerful solution to track material delivery progress.

Track Shipment Activity

Material suppliers can track shipment activity to demonstrate that materials have shipped.

Register Deliveries

Receiving factories can register factual deliveries to track delivery progress for customers.

Register on the Move

The Prescience App allows users to register deliveries on the move if they are not nearby a PC.

prescience ios app track production

Attach Delivery Notes

Receiving factories can easily capture and upload delivery notes either as photos or PDFs.

Save Time

Spend less time managing phone calls, emails and excel sheets to track material deliveries

Automate Goods Receipt

Trigger webhooks to ERP based on user registrations to automate and reduce administration

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Highlight Material Delays

Prescience filters out the noise. As a result, you can focus on the material delays that are most critical.

Instantly see a global list of material delays. Most importantly, this saves you time. But, it also shows you where you are not in control.

Users can share expected delivery dates to transparently inform stakeholders about last minute logistics changes.

Measure Delivery Performance

Prescience provides widgets to measure delivery accuracy against planned delivery dates.

Measuring delivery accuracy is critical to drive continuous improvement. However, often customers and suppliers lack the data to make credible accuracy measurements.

With Prescience the planned and expected dates, combined user registrations form the basis accuracy performance.

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