Inventory Management

Manage global finished goods inventory to maintain transparency and control.

Finished Goods Inventory Control

Prescience provides a globally consolidated finished goods inventory list. As a result, it is painless to account for components located at suppliers around the world.

Painless Overview

Inventory Visuals

Inventory tree maps provides overview. Also, they enable users to drill down on finished goods inventories.


See finished goods inventories grouped by location.

Item Number

See finished goods inventories organized by item number. Click an item number to see more details.


See finished goods inventories organized by project name. Click a project for details.


See finished goods inventories organized by order to see which orders are in stock.

Inventory Performance

Prescience makes it easy to track inventory evolution. As a result, you can measure historical storage levels.

This is particularly useful to settle storage costs with suppliers. Because both parties have factual data and clear evidence of historical values.

Inventories can be measured daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly. Similarly, Prescience offers several inventory calculation methods:

  • AVERAGE measures average component storage duration
  • PRIMO measures at the beginning of each period.
  • ULTIMO measures at the end of each period.
  • ANY includes components stored for any duration in the period.
  • FULL only includes components on storage for the full period.

More Business Cases

See more use cases to learn how Prescience can support your supply chain execution.

Plan and Track Production

Push production plans to suppliers and track their production execution.

Capacity Planning

Capture supplier capacities and analyse overall capacity availability.

Quality Assurance

Digital quality checklists that provide accountability and audit trail.

As-built Documentation

Capture as-built documentation digitally on the production floor.

Inbound Delivery

Plan and manage inbound raw material deliveries.

Outbound Shipment

Plan and manage outbound shipments of finished goods.

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