Outbound Shipment

Plan outbound shipment execution and monitor supplier finished goods shipping activity

Shared Shipment Plan

A shared shipment plan allows customers and suppliers to better coordinate goods handover.

The lack of a shared shipment plan makes it difficult for stakeholders to efficiently plan ahead. This induces friction and extra costs, into the handover process, such as:

  • Wrong production prioritization
  • Sub-optimal storage allocation and organization
  • Inefficient goods preparation for picking, packing, cleaning, etc.
  • Insufficient crane and operator availability
  • Poor utilization and idle crane or truck capacity
  • Missing packing lists and customs documentation, etc.

Centralized Shipment Plan

Instead of relying on email and verbal agreements to coordinate outbound logistics, Prescience centralizes shipment planning to provide all stakeholders with a single source of truth.

Improve the Planning Process

Having a digital shipment plan enables customers to quickly implement last minute changes. Similarly, suppliers are able to critically assess the plan to identify loading capacity shortages.

Supplier can Plan Ahead

Having a reliable shipping plan allows suppliers to plan ahead. This includes preparing the actual goods and related documentation. But, it also includes planning manpower and equipment, such as cranes and trucks.

Register Shipment Execution

With Prescience it is easy for users to register shipment activity in real-time. Similarly, it is easy for you to monitor shipping activity as it happens.

Pick Finished Goods

Pick goods for each shipments to signal in advance which components will sent.

Register Shipment Completed

Register factual shipping activity as soon as the loading and paperwork is completed.

Register on the Move

The Prescience App allows users to register shipping activities on the move.

prescience app ios production tracking

Attach Shipping Documentation

Upload packing lists, customs documentation and photos to document shipped goods condition.

Save Time and Reduce Cost

Spend less time managing phone calls, emails and excel sheets to monitor goods issue.

Automate Goods Issue

Trigger webhooks to ERP based on user activity to reduce administration costs and improve data quality.

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Highlight Shipment Delays

Prescience filters out the noise. As a result, you can focus on the finished goods that are shipping late.

See All Shipment Delays

Instantly see a global list of delayed shipments. This saves you time and allows you to efficiently work with stakeholders to reschedule pickups.

Share Expected Delays

Users can share expected shipping dates to transparently inform stakeholders about last minute logistics changes.

Communicate Late Shipments

Coordinate late shipments to downstream stakeholders to minimize collateral costs. Knowing earlier, enables stakeholders to adjust resource and equipment planning.

Measure Shipping Performance

Prescience enables you to measure shipping accuracy performance within the extended supply chain.

When suppliers execute shipments on customer behalf, supply chains lack system support and data to credibly measure shipping accuracy.

Prescience enables the extended supply chain to effortlessly measure shipping accuracy based on the shipping plan and user registrations.

Measuring shipping accuracy is critical to identify poor performing suppliers and drive overall continuous improvement.

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More Business Cases

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Capacity Planning

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Quality Assurance

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As-built Documentation

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Inbound Delivery

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Inventory Management

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