Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is difficult in dispersed supply chains. Prescience provides a solution to implement inspection checklists at scale. This helps inspectors work systematically and secure inspection accountability.

  • Create inspection checklists
  • Trigger checklists at random
  • Measure inspection progress
  • Ensure inspection accountability
  • Analyze test results at scale

Strengthen Quality Assurance

Working with quality in global supply chains can be difficult.

Supply chains are composed of multiple stakeholders. This means multiple agendas, priorities, systems and perhaps also cultures.

This makes quality assurance difficult, especially if efforts are driven by paper, such as:

  • Can we secure that inspectors use the current inspection checklist?
  • Can we measure that inspections are actually completed?
  • Can we easily show results to customers if they require proof?
  • Can we easily analyze and compare results?

Standardize Inspections

Prescience enable quality engineers to manage inspection templates centrally. Updates are easily pushed to inspectors and applied going forward.

Work Systematically with Quality

Prescience allows inspectors to work systematically because checklists are randomly assigned. Managers can measure inspection progress.

Digital Audit Trail

All inspection results are logged digitally and accompanied by inspection timestamp and inspector identification for full audit trail.

Easily Create, Trigger and Fill Checklists

Creating or updating a checklist is easy. New checklist versions are automatically deployed to inspectors.

Create Checklists

Admins can easily create or edit checklist templates. When saved, templates are automatically applied going forward.

Trigger Checklists

Checklist instances can be created manually by inspectors or automatically at specifed sample percentages.

Fill Checklists

Inspectors can fill checklists in the mobile app or web-dashboard. Answers are logged with user id and timestamp.

prescience web app quality assurance track data form completion

Track Checklist Submission

Prescience makes it easy to monitor which suppliers are failing to submit the required quality data.

Ensuring that suppliers submit data as required is often one of the major challenges that prevents effective quality performance measurement.

Having an easy and quantitative approach to identify missing data and suppliers with poor data discipline is key to establishing a lasting performance measurement culture.

Validate Data Input

Prescience validates input to reduce documentation errors and improve overall data quality.

This is almost impossible when relying on pen and paper. Even with Word or Excel it can be difficult as users often corrupt data unintendedly.

Prescience prevents users from saving invalid data and provides feedback letting users know why their input is invalid. Similarly, dropdrown input controls ensures that users select their input from a valid list of answers instead of letting them provide free text answers.

As a result users provide correct data the first time. Ultimately, this reduces errors, ease data cleansing and improve overall data quality.

prescience quality assurance data format validation
prescience quality assurance data form evaluation

Evaluate Responses Immediately

Prescience evaluates input instantly based on pass/fail criteria to detect non-conformities ealier.

This provides immediate evaluation and allow users to spot obvious typos and, more importantly, help users identify defective components.

This is key to enable swift rework, easier root cause analysis and reduces indirect costs incurred by passing defective parts down the value stream.

Analyze Data at Scale

Prescience lets you export data to analyze it using your preferred data analysis tool.

We don’t limit you to measure quality performance using the Prescience widgets. Instead, with an API Key you can access quality data with your existing business intelligence solution. This means that you can make advanced analysis, merge data with other data sources and build your own custom reports.
prescience quality extract data analyze at scale

More Business Cases

See more use cases to learn how Prescience can support your supply chain execution.

Plan and Track Production

Push production plans to suppliers and track their production execution.

Capacity Planning

Capture supplier capacities and analyse overall capacity availability.

As-built Documentation

Capture as-built documentation digitally on the production floor.

Inbound Delivery

Plan and manage inbound raw material deliveries.

Inventory Management

Manage finished goods inventories and measure inventory levels.

Outbound Shipment

Plan and manage outbound shipments of finished goods.

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