Measure Quality Performance

You can't improve what you don't measure. Use Prescience to log quality data, track supplier quality performance and drive continuous improvement.

Do You Measure Quality Performance?

Measuring supplier performance can be difficult and time consuming.

  • Firstly, collecting data regularly from suppliers is a challenge.
  • Secondly, consolidating and cleansing data requires expert skills.
  • Thirdly, analyzing, visualizing and distributing data to decision makers requires a lot of time.
  • And finally, results must be interpreted and suppliers should receive useful feedback.

Driving this performance measurement process requires persistence. Employees often get caught up in problem firefighting and tend to forget everything about performance measurement.

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prescience quality performance report

Start Measuring Today

Prescience provides an efficient process to consistently measure supplier quality performance.

data form design

Design data form

Easily create and roll out a data form to capture the quality data you require.

data form track progress

Track data form completion

Monitor that suppliers are filling their data forms. Prescience will manage data validation and eliminate corrupt data.

Instantly see performance results

Setup dashboard widgets inside Prescience dashboards to track performance in real-time.​

Quickly Setup Your Data Form

Prescience uses three main data types that link directly to dashboard widgets.

Numeric Data

Setup numeric data points to measure data that is evaluated as average, min, max and standard deviation.

As-built Documentation

Capture as-built documentation digitally on the production floor.

Multiple Choice

Setup multiple choice data points to measure data where users select one or multiple answers from a dropdown list.

prescience web app quality assurance track data form completion

Track Data Submission

Prescience makes it easy to monitor which suppliers are failing to submit the required quality data.

Ensuring that suppliers submit data as required is often one of the major challenges that prevents effective quality performance measurement.

Having an easy and quantitative approach to identify missing data and suppliers with poor data discipline is key to establishing a lasting performance measurement culture.

See Results, Instantly

Prescience makes it easy to add quality performance widgets inside Prescience.

Prescience includes multiple widgets to visualize data forms. As a result, it is extremely easy to setup performance dashboards.

Whether you want to show numerical data as an average over time, or a pareto analysis with common defect types where users select from a drowdown list, we have you covered.

prescience quality extract data analyze at scale

Analyze Data at Scale

Prescience lets you export data to analyze it using your preferred data analysis tool.

We don’t limit you to measure quality performance using the Prescience widgets. Instead, with an API Key you can access quality data with your existing business intelligence solution. This means that you can make advanced analysis, merge data with other data sources and build your own custom reports.

More Business Cases

See more use cases to learn how Prescience can support your supply chain execution.

Plan and Track Production

Push production plans to suppliers and track their production execution.

Capacity Planning

Capture supplier capacities and analyse overall capacity availability.

Quality Assurance

Digital quality checklists that provide accountability and audit trail.

As-built Documentation

Capture as-built documentation digitally on the production floor.

Inventory Management

Manage finished goods inventories and measure inventory levels.

Outbound Shipment

Plan and manage outbound shipments of finished goods.

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