Third Party Service Providers

We rely on third party service providers. Learn more about how we use third party service providers to deliver our services to you.


This page provides the current list of third party services providers that may process your personal data as part of our contractual obligation to deliver the service to you.

Third Party Service Providers

The list includes the following information about each service provider:
  • The name of the service provider
  • The purpose(s) for using the service provider
  • The service providers location
  • Whether the provider is compliant with GDPR
  • Whether we have a data processor agreement (DPA) with the provider.
  • Which safeguards govern processing outside EU if applicable
Note that Prescience may use other third party service providers that do NOT process any kind of personal data, these service providers are not included in this list.
MicrosoftMain Prescience hostingNLYesYes
GooglePrescience usage analyticsUSYesYesEU-US Privacy Shield
HubSpotMailing lists and newslettersUSYesYesEU-US Privacy Shield

Change log

Revision: 1.2 (Updated 12-07-2023)

24-05-2018 – Document created.

01-10-2019 – MailChimp substituted by HubSpot as mail and newsletter list supplier.

12-07-2023 – SendGrid and Zendesk removed from list of suppliers.

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