Track Supplier Production

Prescience makes it easy to track production progress at scale, allowing you to monitor supplier execution effectively across the entire supply chain.

Tracking Production used to be Painful

Tracking supplier progress by hand is painful because data is dispersed, hard to aquire and difficult to consolidate. Here’s why:

  • Email and Excel is used for data exchange resulting in data being dispersed across many files, mailboxes and stakeholders.
  • Getting new status updates from suppliers is difficult as they rely on busy experts to update and share the data. 
  • Individual file formats and lingual differences make consolidation difficult and analysis extremely difficult.
  • Weekly updates are too infrequent and as a result decisions are made based on obsolete data.
  • Follow-up by hand typically omits logging and timestamps that could have been used to provide key insights and statistical analysis.
All the reasons above are amplified as the number of suppliers grow.

Your Supply Chain, LIVE!​

Prescience is essentially a live model of your supply chain, where suppliers continuously provide many smaller pieces of a larger puzzle.

  • Prescience processes all new supplier updates in real-time and as a result you are always up to speed on the latest developments.
  • Having a global up-to-date model is essential to drive consistent supplier follow-up, status reporting and risk mitigation.
  • With Prescience all team members have a single truth which they can query to get the information they require to be proactive.

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Easily Monitor Progress

Prescience enables users to easily monitor global supplier progress across the entire supply chain. 

  • Combine data from multiple suppliers
  • See planned, in progress and completed components
  • Filter to show only delays and risks
  • Filter by supplier, project or item number
  • Order by due date or current progress

Identify Delays and Risks

identifying delays and risks earlier is key to swift and effective mitigation, potentially saving millions on the bottom line annually.

  • Delays tree map by location, project or order
  • Delays and risks by planned and projected completion
  • Shortcuts to quickly open delayed or at risk components
  • Overall supplier trend to detect increasing risk

Quick Project Overview

Prescience enables project managers to get a quick overview of their projects, even if projects span multiple suppliers.

  • Pipeline; planned, in progress, completed, shipped
  • Project burndown chart to see planned vs. factual
  • Projected project completion vs planned
  • Project delays and risks
  • Project inventory by location

Measure Performance

Prescience enables you create dashboards to measure supplier performance consistently accross the supply chain. 

  • Production plan fulfilment
  • Average lead-time
  • Capacity utilization (planned utilization)
  • Inventory evolution

Faster Insights, Faster Decisions

Prescience makes it easy and simple for team members to objectively answer trivial questions that previously required extensive investigation.

  • What is the global work-in-progress?​
  • How many components are in delay?
  • What are the biggest risks right now?
  • How is it going with project ABC?
  • How is supplier XYZ performing?
  • When will component 123 be finished?

Benefits of Tracking With Prescience

Easily Monitor Pipeline

Identify Delays and Risks

Quickly Project Overview

Measure Work-in-Progress

Measure Supplier Fulfilment

Measure Lead/Cycle Times

Easy and Flexible to Setup

Customize Tracking

Customize production tracking to use the workflows, processes and milestones that fit your particular context.

Create Multiple Workflows

Not all components are made the same way. Setup multiple workflows with different processes sequences to cover variety.

Add Multi-Location Workflows

Use multiple location workflows to plan and track location movements and allow multiple suppliers to collaborate efficiently.

Manage Planning Parameters

Master data makes it possible to setup individual planning parameters for each Location/Item/Process combinations.

Setup Event Triggers

Setup milestones to trigger actions such as location movement, data form creation or component status change.

Integrate with Webhooks

Trigger webhooks to ERP or 3rd party solutions to automate external business processes based on events and user interaction in Prescience.

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