Plan, Track & Monitor Production Execution

Prescience makes it easy for suppliers to track production and easy for you to monitor progress.

Plan and Coordinate Supplier Activities

With Prescience there is ONE centralized plan. All changes are instantly visible to suppliers.

Maintaining the master plan using email and verbal agreements is challenging. However, Prescience keeps suppliers in sync with one centralized master plan. As a result, changes are implemented quickly all the way to the production floor.

Plan Component Due Dates

Prescience provides the infrastructure for maintaining a shared master plan for all suppliers.

Detailed Process Scheduling

Prescience creates workflows that schedule subsequent processes relative to component due date.

Expected Execution Dates

Suppliers can maintain expected due dates. As a result, you know what to expect from the supplier.

Track Production Progress

With Prescience you get a powerful solution to track production progress. Similarly, suppliers get a simple tool that is easy to incorporate into the daily work.

QR Codes

Prescience can use your existing QR and barcodes. Alternatively, you can print QR labels in the Prescience Dashboard

Mobile App

The iOS mobile app lets users track production progress on the go. Simply scan the barcode, check the milestones and pocket the phone.

Workstation Mode

Shopfloors with PC terminals can use the dashboard in Workstation mode. This provides a simplified user interface designed for operators.

prescience app ios production tracking

Simple and Easy

Tracking production is simple and easy. User training can be done by local super users in a few hours.

Delegate to Operators

Prescience eliminates stale, confusing and colorful spreadsheets. Instead, Prescience relies on many small updates which are easily delegated to operators.

Save Time

For production managers this means less spreadsheets and email. Prescience handles consolidation across the supply chain in real time.

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Transparency and Visibility

Prescience provides instant access to the latest supplier data. As a result, information is neatly organized in powerful data tables, charts and widgets.

Powerful Overviews

Immediate Insights

Project Burndown Charts

Easily understand how a project is being executed compared to the project plan.

Suppliers provide expected dates to show how expectations deviate from the master plan.

Prescience displays factual and projected execution dates. This shows what actually happened and what will most likely happen.

Highlight Risks

Prescience filters out the noise. As a result, you can focus on the delays and risks that are most urgent.


Instantly pull a global list of delays. Most importantly, this saves you time. But, it also shows that you are in control.

Expected Risks

See what components suppliers expect to finish late. Consequently, you can work with down stream stakeholders to reduce the impact.

Projected Risks

Prescience combines planned and factual data with master data and historical performance to quantify risk and urgency.

Faster Insights, Faster Decisions

Prescience enables your team to objectively answer trivial questions that previously required investigation and analysis.​

Easy and Flexible Setup

Prescience runs in the cloud and is both quick and painless to setup.

1. Build A Workflow

Build workflows to represent the value creation process.

2. Invite Suppliers

Invite suppliers to create a free collaboration account.

3. Start Tracking

After a short training session users start tracking production

4. Monitor Suppliers

Monitor activity, identify risks and measure performance.

More Business Cases

See more use cases to learn how Prescience can support your supply chain execution.

Capacity Planning

Capture supplier capacities and analyse overall capacity availability.

Quality Assurance

Digital quality checklists that provide accountability and audit trail.

As-built Documentation

Capture as-built documentation digitally on the production floor.

Inbound Delivery

Plan and manage inbound raw material deliveries.

Inventory Management

Manage finished goods inventories and measure inventory levels.

Outbound Shipment

Plan and manage outbound shipments of finished goods.

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