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Prescience (/ˈprɛsɪəns/) - the fact of knowing in advance

Customer Case

Learn how Vestas Wind Systems A/S uses Prescience to manage global subcontracting activities.

Vestas is the worlds leading wind turbine manufacturer. Vestas has transitioned from in-house manufacturing of steel towers and blades to outsourcing these key components through a global network of subcontractors.

Since Vestas now rely on their subcontractors to execute flawlessly, a key challenge has been to retain transparency and control throughout the value chain. This is where Prescience comes into the picture.

Transparency And Control

Problems getting supplier data when you need it?

Supplier data often travel for weeks before it reaches decision makers. In fact, most of the time, data is already obsolete on arrival, making it less than ideal for decision making. With Prescience, the newest data from suppliers is instantly available, neatly organized in personalized dashboards to provide instant clarity and overview.

Track Supplier Execution

Wasting resources on inefficient supplier follow-up?

Prescience automates, streamlines and scales the follow-up cycle, letting suppliers track manufacturing progress in real-time. This significantly reduces your efforts to acquire, consolidate and analyze data. As a result, your team will have more time to be proactive, make better decisions, and solve actual problems.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Easily keep track of the needles in your haystack.

Prescience puts supplier delays and risks front and center. Identifying the critical 10% causing problems is essential to proactive risk mitigation. This allows your team to respond faster and with pinpoint accuracy. Solving small problems today is preferable to facing bigger problems tomorrow.

Reduce Costs

With Prescience as an integral part of your supply chain strategy

reduce disruptions

Disruption Costs

The costs of delays and poor execution are too significant to ignore. Identify disruptions earlier, mitigate more effectively and reduce the impact on your bottom line.

Save money

Surveillance Costs

Reduce meetings, e-mails, Excel sheets and countless hours spent manually managing data. Reduce travel budgets and reserve on-site visits for real emergencies.

Automate business processes

Administration Costs

Automating inter-organizational workflows can drive cost savings. Integrate Prescience with ERP to trigger business processes based on supplier activity.

Request a Demo

We would be delighted to give you a personalized demo of Prescience

Integrate with suppliers

Work With Your Suppliers

Connect your suppliers, let the collaboration begin.

Prescience is the place to share and coordinate the day-to-day operational information with suppliers. All data is transparent and shared between suppliers and customers, so essentially you see what your suppliers see. Prescience is a great way to bridge geographical and cultural gaps to bring globally dispersed supply chains closer together.

Planning on Another Level

Stay on the same page as your suppliers.

Plans continuously change and the status quo is in constant motion. Prescience joins long-term forecasts with short-term execution data to provide you with the full picture. This is an efficient way to tell suppliers what to do, and for suppliers to tell you what they are doing.

More Reasons to Use Prescience

Highly scalable

Highly Scalable

Easily scale Prescience within your supply chain by adding all your component and supplier portfolios.

Simple and easy

Simple and Easy

We focus to keep Prescience simple and streamlined. As a result, Prescience is easy to learn and easy to use.

Accessible anywhere

Accessible Anywhere

A responsive dashboard and an iOS app provide instant access from anywhere at any time.

Fully managed

Fully Managed

We manage the infrastructure, handle maintenance and backups, so you can focus on more important things.

Fast return on investment

Fast Return on Investment

Prescience is a low-risk approach with few upfront investments. You only pay a subscription fee.

Start today

Start Today

Forget long sales and implementation cycles. Prescience is provisioned in a snap, so start your free trial today.

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