Collaborative Supply Chain Execution

Prescience improves how customers and suppliers plan, execute and monitor operations in the extended supply chain.

Supply Chain Excellence

Prescience strengthens supplier collaboration and increases supply chain performance to provide a better service to you and your customers.

Improved Planning Cycle

It is important to have a single plan to keep stakeholders in sync. As a result changes are easily implemented and propagated to the supply chain.

Transparency & Control

Prescience accelerates the speed and frequency of data analysis to provide instant insights to your team based on the newest supplier data.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Identifying the critical 10% enables your team to make fast and accurate risk detection to speed up mitigation .

Prescience Reduces Cost

Prescience empowers your team to be more efficient and proactive. As a result, they have the tools and knowledge to reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

Surveillance Costs

Reduce meetings, e-mails, Excel sheets and countless hours spent manually managing data. Reduce travel budgets and reserve on-site visits for real emergencies.

Administration Costs

Automating inter-organizational workflows can drive significant cost savings. Integrate Prescience with ERP to link business processes to supplier activity.

Disruption Costs

The costs of poor planning and execution are too significant to ignore. Identify delays and risks earlier, mitigate effectively and reduce impacts on the bottom line.

Plan, Track and Monitor Execution

Prescience provides powerful production tracking for controlling dispersed supply chains at global scale.

Essentially, Prescience is a live model of your supply chain where all components are represented. Suppliers continuously feed new data which is  processed in real-time to give you an instant visibility and control.

Plan Supplier Execution

Schedule component due dates so suppliers know what and when to deliver and receive supplier input to planning changes.

Track Manufacturing Progress

Provide a simple way for suppliers to continuously report manufacturing progress against predefined milestones.

Monitor Supplier Execution

Instantly get the global overview you need, without having to email suppliers or spend hours analyzing spreadsheets.

Capacity Planning

Prescience helps you understand how supplier capacity satisfies customer demand. This is key if you want certainty that suppliers can deliver what you promise.

Improve Supply Chain Quality

Prescience digitizes your quality processes to reduce paperwork, manual data collection and data errors. This improves overall data quality and enables large scale data analysis.

Quality Assurance

Deploy digital quality checklists across the supply chain to ensure inspection accountability and digital audit trails.

As-Built Documentation

Deploy data forms to collect as-built documentation. Easily monitor and measure the data collection process.

Quality Performance

Deploy data forms to capture quality metrics. Easily convert data into quality performance charts.

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Manage Inventory and Logistics

Prescience enables you to track in- and outbound shipments and manage finished goods inventories.

Keeping track of inventories, shipments and deliveries within the supply chain is extremely difficult and time consuming if relying on email and Excel to coordinate and share data. Prescience provides a shared platform and controlled process for managing supply chain inventory and logistics.

Plan and Track Inbound Shipments

Share delivery details for purchased materials and have suppliers acknowledge material reception.

Plan and Track Outbound Shipments

Share pick-up details for finished goods shipments and have suppliers pick items and confirm shipment completion.

Monitor Finished Goods Inventories

Easily check item availability, export full inventory reports or monitor current and historical inventory levels.

Effortless Reporting

Prescience provides a stunning reporting experience for you and your customers.

Create Personalized Dashboards

Users can setup unlimited personal dashboards to make the reporting experience unique and relevant.

Charts, KPIs and Counters

The ever growing library of charts, KPIs and counters ensures that you have the visuals you need.

Powerful Dashboard Features

Easily create, organize, copy and share dashboards with the information that is important for you.

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